Dog Wash Tea Tree Gully

Hi! My name is Simone, along with my husband Colin we would love to make sure that your favourite furry family member is pampered as well as looking and smelling their very best for you!

Express Dog Washing Tea Tree Gully conveniently comes to your house and with our unique portable hydrobath, we can wash and groom your best friend in the comfort and safety of their own familiar surroundings.

As an added comfort for your dog, we use cuddles! (Not grooming nooses or harnesses) to get the job done as there is always an extra pair of hands available – great for anxious or nervous dogs.

Express Dog Washing Tea Tree Gully are fully trained and insured, professional independent operators based in:

Tea Tree Gully and also service Modbury, Banksia Park, Redwood Park, Ridgehaven, Surrey Downs as well as surrounding suburbs.

Our services range from a simple hydrobath to a full clip & groom.

HYDROBATH PLUS from just $30

Hydro bath, Flea or natural shampoo, nails trimmed, eyes and ears cleaned, towel dry

EXPRESS CLIP from just $45

Hydro bath, Natural shampoo, eyes and ears cleaned, clipping of face, feet, belly and bottom and nails trimmed, towel dry.

FULL GROOM from just $60

Hydro bath, Natural shampoo, eyes and ears cleaned, full body clip and nails trimmed.

Blow-drying available for $5

(Surcharge may apply for badly Matted or difficult dogs and Flea Shampoo)


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