The shower head actually gets right through the dog’s coat to the skin, which gives the Hydrobath its therapeutic benefits. It massages the dog and it allows the shampoo and other solutions used to penetrate right to the skin and helps to cure any skin problems the dog may have such as infections, fleas and other parasites. The massage effect of the Hydrobath can help with ailments such as arthritis and poor circulation. Dogs skin is thinner than ours and their PH balance is 7.5 so harsh shampoo’s with lots of chemicals and those that aren’t PH balanced be irritating so this is why you cannot use human shampoo on your dog. We as humans absorb most environmental allergens through our noses and our mouths our furry friends do through their skin, so bathing them regularly can help prevent itching by washing away allergens. Dogs with long coats should be groomed(brushed) a few times a week by their owners to maintain a healthy coat. We can clip your dog this should be done about every 6 weeks to avoid matting and discomfort for your dog.

Yes our Hydrobaths have heating elements that heat the water up to 40 c

Yes we use a PH balanced shampoo that doesn’t dry out the skin and natural oils.

Yes the shampoo we use will kill any fleas that are on the dog at time of bathing and we can advise you with products and solutions to kill fleas long term. Each flea on your dog can lay 100’s of eggs that take about 2 weeks to hatch. For every adult flea on your dog there will be 20 in its environment. Flea treatment need to include your dog and where it sleeps and lives Kennel, favourite lounge chair or spot in the family home on your bed or carpet.

Yes and we will keep a regular eye on them so that they do not grow too long to cause your beloved pet any discomfort.

At fortnightly intervals usually no closer as this will dry out the dogs skin. We use clean fresh water for every dog and our Hydrobaths are disinfected daily or as needed throughout the day. Puppies under the age of 4 months should not be Hydrobathed if they have not had the correct immunisation just to keep disease from spreading to other dogs.


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