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When was the last time your canine friend was pampered like a loyal friend should? How long has it been since his tangles were manageable? Is it time for a little trim?

Welcome to Express Dog Washing Doncaster

Hi! I’m Eric Li from Express Dog Washing and Grooming in Doncaster and I’m here to tame the tangles of your precious family member.

I’ve lived in Melbourne for the past 10 years and love being a part of the local community. With 6 months of experience in dog washing and grooming, I knew it was time to get out there and offer my services to my fellow residents of Doncaster. Nothing makes me happier than seeing the proud grin on the face of a freshly groomed dog, and I knew I had to share it.

If your playful canine has been rolling around in the mud, don’t worry. We provide a flea or natural shampoo hydrobath to get his fur back to its natural luxurious state. We can take care of your furry friend, no matter how big or small. I know how important family is, and your household pet is member of the family too. He’ll thank you for it – I assure you!

Don’t have time during the week? I work 7 days for your convenience and understand that weekends can be more convenient for most. I believe in putting in all my best efforts so that your dog is clean and enjoys it too!

At Express, we only use high quality products to ensure your best friend is pampered the way it deserves. Our affordable prices cater for whatever you need, whether you need a general wash for your poodle or a full body groom for your great dane, I will make sure your pooch is given special care and love. Our tailor made packages aim to give you the most for your money so that your pet is always clean and healthy.

smiling dog
clean dog

Some of the Dog Washing and Grooming services I offer include:

• Hydrobath washing

• Flea or natural shampoo

• Towel or blow drying

• Nail trimming

• Eye clearing

• Ear cleaning

• Full body grooming

• Hair trimming

My love of dogs is how I can do what I do and enjoy every moment of it – even if I get a little wet in the process! Your best friend is my best friend no matter how big or small, and I want to make sure he gets the special care he deserves. 


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